Sattley Engine Restored

Sattley engine sits on old angle iron sawhorses.

| August/September 1997

2120 Robins Lane SE #202, Salem, Oregon 97306

I have been going out to Brooks Steam-Up (Branch 15), for about 18 years. I enjoy all parts of the show. As a retired plant maintenance man and machinist, I really admire all the great work done on all these engines.

In 1995 I purchased a 1 HP Sattley engine, serial no. 66,804. (What year?) Everything was all there and seemed not damaged.

I started rebuilding in the summer of 1996. The first big problem, no spark from the Wico magneto.

The real fun of all this is all the people you run into. I joined Branch #15, got lots of knowledge from all these guys, also other people and shops you lead up to, as you gather your information.

I took the magneto apart, fixed the broken wires, sent for a new condenser and put it together and it worked just fine.