Salesmanship Vs. Cheatmanship

| March/April 1992

 4077 Day, Burton, Michigan 48519

It is usually a lot of fun, going to the different machine shows that one could attend over the summer and fall. Most of the participants are great people. This past September, while at a local show in Michigan, we had the opportunity to see many exhibits and listen to the many engines and tractors being run. There were different things available for sale at these displays, as well as a big area of items being sold flea market style. Most of the people are from local areas, as well as out of state, and from neighboring states also.

While I was looking at one of the displays with some miscellaneous parts and engines for sale, I found one that I wished to buy; a 11/2 horse Hercules at a reasonable price. As I was speaking to the owner and agreeing on the purchase of it, the sale was rudely interrupted by a dealer from Indiana who underhandedly bought the engine. This took place while I stood there with some friends, who witnessed the strange transaction.

While I was upset and dismayed over what happened, I felt it would be better not to make a huge tantrum over it. I could not help thinking what shoddy salesmanship it was for one to deal that way. Both of the men were wrong to conduct themselves in that manner. While it might not be the most important thing to some, I felt it should be brought to the attention of others who might have had, or maybe will have a similar experience. So I determined to vent my 'steam' in an article to this magazine.

Machine displayers and enthusiasts are a pretty nice bunch of people, usually. This episode was, in my feeling, unethical for either of the persons. Engine people should have more integrity.

In the future, I would hope that our groups, and all who participate, would be more aware of what is taking place, and to make an effort to promote courteous and gentlemanly actions. We do not want to hurt those who do this as a hobby or as a special interest. Cheap huckstering is uncalled for, and should not be condoned. It would not take a lot of this behavior to put the damper on our swap meets, and other events. Let's promote fairness.


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