| November/December 1976

15 HP Fairbanks-Morse semi-diesel

A 15 HP Fairbanks-Morse semi-diesel and other assorted engines.

R. D. #3, Box 138, Newfield, New Jersey 08344.

In this bicentennial year with all the celebrating and hullabaloo going on, the residents of Salem County in New Jersey once again held their annual 4-H Fair on August 4,5 and 6.

As usual there were the handcrafts such as embroidery, crocheting, knitting, painting. and sketching, etc. The girls belonging to 4-H displayed their homemade garments ranging anywhere from sports outfits to evening attire.

One woman had jewelry made from spoons and forks, and another girl from north Jersey had a display of cut-out coin jewelry. There was also a large exhibit of Indian jewelry.

In the buildings outside, there were horses to fulfill an equestrian's dream. Some really beautiful animals. In another building, were the cows, some of them with calves, pigs, goats, ducks, chickens, etc. and in the petting area, were rabbits, baby chicks, baby pigs, a pony or two, some goats and a donkey named Jenny, with her baby whose name was Sparky. All the farm equipment on display from the various dealers held the interest of a number of farmers as they discussed with one another which make they thought was better for a particular usage or job.

The homegrown vegetables and flowers and the homemade pastries just proved to anyone what a little love and caring, a trip to the corner grocery and a little help from Mother Nature can surely do. They all looked like an advertisement out of Better Homes and Gardens. It was a real struggle to keep from sampling anything.