| November/December 1987

Bill Starkey, who is known to many of our subscribers and to engine collectors in general, is one individual who is concerned about safety at engine shows. Bill sent us some material he thought we should share with our readers. The first piece is an article on show safety with guidelines which is the work of the Port Phillip Historical Machinery Society of 71 Davey St., Parkdale, Vic. 3195, Australia. The article is reprinted with permission from The Olde Machinery Mart, an Australian publication. The article appeared in the form of a letter from Mr. A. Bebee, Secretary of the Society.

By resolution of the Committee of the Port Phillip Historical Machinery Society, I am enclosing a copy of this Society's 'Safety Guidelines' which you may choose to publish.

While public indemnity insurance is a pre-requisite to staging an exhibition, it still behooves the exhibitors to take due care that the public is reasonably protected from its own vulnerability to injury, caused in the main from a complete lack of understanding of the potential dangers inherent with working machinery.

These guidelines were devised after lengthy deliberation to provide the exhibitor with a code of conduct at rallies which will go a long way toward safe operations without imposing claustrophobic restrictions. Scrutiny will disclose that in the main they are based on plain common sense.

We have noticed that these guidelines have come to the attention of several other Victorian clubs who have adopted them or very similar ones for their own use. If these guidelines ultimately lead to some sort of unified code of exhibiting, then the whole antique machinery movement must benefit.

Reference is made to the D.L.I. This is the State Government's Department of Labour and Industry, which includes in its responsibilities, inspection and testing of all boiler and pressure vessels as well as conducting examinations of intending operators of such equipment. There will be similar Government Departments in other States but may be known locally by other names. An appropriate notation may be in order to avoid confusion amongst your readers.