| July/August 1987

Old Engine

Max Gunnels of Rusty Wheels Old Engine Club of Arkansas with restored Model Z sn 5449058, 3 HP. This was his first attempt at restoring an old engine. He found the engine at a local scrap iron dealer. Note the muffler made from an industrial shower head,

Glen Scroggins designed the drink cooler using a F-M 2 HP old engine and VW air compressor. 60' of copper tubing coiled inside the wooden barrel keeps Club soft drinks cold. All other parts were purchased at the local parts store. Proceeds from drink sales go to the club.

A. J. Scott and Rick Horton saved this 1917 F. M. sn 252091, 15 HP engine from the scrap iron dealer.

Photos courtesy of Rick Horton, Box 24, Bluff City, AR 71722.