Rumely OilPull REPLICA

| February/March 1997

Rumely OilPull

1190 27th Street Chetek, Wisconsin 54728

This is my replica of a Rumely Oil-Pull. It is powered by a 3 HP Fairbanks-Morse throttle governor engine. A belt tightener clutch is attached to a three-speed Crossley transmission with reverse. The output of the transmission is with a #50 roller chain to a right angle gear box, down to a Ford differential narrowed to 26 inches. I put the input of the differential to the rear to make more room for the engine.

The tapered keyed hubs are cut down to six-tooth sprockets to match corn binder bull wheel sprockets with square chains drive. They are free floating on 2' pipe axle. The rear wheels are from an early model cement mixer and the front wheels are silo filler wheels.

The front axles is a narrowed up Model T axle turned up for more clearance. The steering sector is from a '56 Chevy and the steering wheel is from a McCormick-Deering threshing machine blower pipe.

Top speed is about five mph in third gear. The body is 6'6' long, the cab is 60' high outside the rear wheels. The whole machine weighs about 1300 pounds.

Building this replica took about three months of spare time. It was very interesting, and I sure enjoy the end result.