| March/April 1978

Box A, Worcester, New York 12197

Probably one of the most serious maladies to strike an old iron nut is 'RUMELY FEVER.' It's one of the easiest collector diseases to get, but one of the hardest to cure. Granted, the antidote is well known, but the prescription (buy a Rumely) is hard to fill. Not only is the cost prohibitive, but available ingredients are hard to locate.

Prior to finding a heavy-weight to suit my fancy, I spent a small fortune on stamps and a great deal of time on correspondence. I am grateful to the many fellow collectors who fully understood my plight and offered as much assistance as they could.

Of the dozens of letters I received, all but one offered Rumely lightweights. I had just about settled on one located on the west coast when I received a letter offering a heavy-weight in Iowa. Now that's a little far for a preacher to trailer something that size, but it started me thinking heavy-weights again.

While waiting for pictures to arrive from Iowa, a friend called me on the phone and told me he had a Rumely to sell only 123 miles south of Worcester.

That's all I needed! By now, my fever had become a raging passion. I was unable to go to see the Rumely for three days as I had other pressing appointments. However, my wife and sons were very understanding as I wandered about the house going 'huffa-huffa' trying my best to sound like a full grown Rumely. To console me for the moment, my son, George, even designed me a special Rumely shirt. I wore it around for the next three days-sort of like a security blanket.