| November/December 1993

220 HP, aircraft radial engine '

11 Herman Avenue Newburgh, New York 12550;

Built in 1934 by Continental Motors of Muskegon, Michigan the W-670, a 220 HP, aircraft radial engine was installed in many pre-World War and post war trainers, such as the PT.17 Stearman, flown by the U. S. Navy and Army Air Corp.

This engine, serial no. 16391, was delivered to the Army Air Corp in December, 1942. It has a 667.86 cubic inch piston displacement, 5.125 inch bore and 4.625 inch stroke with a compression ratio of 5.4 to 1. It is a 7 cylinder air cooled engine. Various manufacturers produced 'round' engines ranging from 3 to 28 cylinders (4 rows of 7). The W-670 was also used in many World War II tanks and armored vehicles with a horsepower rating up to 240.

I found this engine in Florida. It was last used as a power plant for an airboat and was in poor condition. After about 6 months of hunting, I located what I required to complete the restoration project. After it came to life with smoke and fire from the open exhaust stack, I got into high gear and finished it off with a new coat of paint and a new prop. I've been taking it to shows in my area and have been getting quite a response. And, oooh, what a sweet sound!