Root & VanDervoort, 1911

Pages from the Past: Root & VanDervoort advertisement from the August 1911 issue of "Gas Power" magazine.

| June/July 2012

  • Root & vanDervoort advertisememt
    This Root & VanDervoort advertisement marketed small engines to eliminated back-breaking farming and household work.
    Gas Power magazine
  • Gas Power magazine
    The cover of the August 1911 issue of "Gas Power" magazine.
    Gas Power Magazine

  • Root & vanDervoort advertisememt
  • Gas Power magazine

The next time you’re in an antique store, be sure to look through that stack of old newspapers and magazines piled high on the bookshelf.

You just may find something fascinating, like the August 1911 issue of Gas Power that this Root & VanDervoort ad came from. It reads in part: “Here’s just the engine you want. Built especially for the many back-breaking jobs on the farm, in the home, or shop.

You’ll find it just about the handiest and dandiest thing you ever bought because it fits in and relieves both you and the women-folks of so much hard work doing those many tedious, tiresome jobs in a ‘jiffy.’”