Root & Vandervoort Engine

| July/August 1994

  • Root & Vandervoort engine
    Enclosed is a picture of my Root & Vandervoort engine Serial #BL-30599. I found this challenge at the Salt River Swap Meet at Oil City, Michigan.

  • Root & Vandervoort engine

1722 Meridian, Reese, Michigan 48757

The cam shaft was rusted tight and teeth in the gear were broken out. The pot metal parts were disintegrated, the rod had been disconnected and the bearing was missing. In short, the engine was a real basket case. I poured a new bearing and welded and machined the teeth in the cam gear. I bought and machined new castings for the governor weights and had to make a new exhaust latch and speed adjustment. I rebuilt the igniter, filled it up with gas and water and away it went.

I have several engines, but this one is my favorite.