| November/December 1977

Ronald J. Russell, 38, Of Bovina Center, New York has been a gas engine buff for several years. Since he lost his sight ten years ago, his collection has grown to more than a dozen, including an Olds engine, circa 1895-1905 completely restored bv his own hands.

Ron is employed by the Garden Way Manufacturing Company of Troy, New York and when he comes home by bus on weekends or holidays, a good deal of time is spent on his hobby.

His shop is a marvel of efficiency. Everything is well organized and Ron can put his hand on any part or tool with an easy assurance that could be the envy of those of us who don't share his handicap. With the help of some of his friends who assist in moving and transporting the engines, he shows in local Gas-Ups during the summer months.

In addition to his interest in gas engines, Mr. Russell also maintains a collection of stamps, dog tread mills, cast iron stoves and many antique kitchen implements.

He has been a subscriber to the Gas Engine Magazine for many years and has an unbroken collection of issues. Ron's mother, Mrs. Ernest Russell, has been in the habit of reading articles to him from current magazines as time permits. Last winter she learned through the American Council of the Blind about a volunteer group of readers in Buffalo, who could put books or magazines on cassette tapes. The first two issues of this year's Gas Engine Magazine were duly taped and presented by Mrs. Russell to her son as a most welcome birthday present.

Ronald Russel leads a full life. He has a variety of interests, an inquiring mind and many friends. Perhaps there are other handicapped Gas Engine enthusiasts or any one else for that matter who would like to correspond. He would like to hear from you.