Roadside Surprise

| October 2005

Heading out west to the 52nd Annual Tri-State Antique Engine and Thresher Show in Bird City, Kan., one of the girls from our advertising department noticed some old gas engines sitting just off Interstate 70 on the north side of the road. Having already passed the scene, I quickly flipped a U-turn and headed back to the Russell, Kan., exit.

Back behind a truck stop sat a small building and some old machinery scattered around the area, all fenced in. In front of the building stands a statue of a man with a sign on a limestone post: "Oil Patch Russell, June 3, 1983. In gratitude to the pioneer men and women of the oil industry who made this museum possible."

As I approached the engines, I noticed signs on all but one of them giving a description of each one. Below are some photos and descriptions.

The Russell County Historical Society can be contacted at: Box 243, Russell, KS 67665; (785) 483-3637;