1971 Pioneer Gas Engine Association Reunion Hi-Lights

| January/February 1972

204 Ball Road, Marion, New York 14505.

The weather, as usual, played a large role in this year's show. Rain had plagued the area for several weeks and threatened the show's weekend too. As it turned out, however, the only rain occurred late Saturday when the humidity became very uncomfortable thus relieving to some degree the heat.

Every year our show grows and this year was no exception. The thing that surprised me was that most of the equipment seen this year was not here last year. Where all this iron comes from amazes me. There seems to be no limit to variety.

We had 259 running gas engines, 33 pieces of allied equipment and 32 tractors. The models register in at 90, although, there were more that were not registered. There were 10 antique cars and trucks, 2 diesel engines and a hot air engine. We even had 5 steamers infiltrate our ranks this year.

Financially we are still alive and well, although, our outside visitors on the grounds were disappointing, perhaps due to the threat of the weather. There were other disappointments too. The wheat was too soft and couldn't be cut without loss so no threshing was done this year. There was however, enough activity to keep us busy.

Our auction on Saturday was a big success as usual. Jim Ross and his Country All Stars played Saturday night for the square dance in the pavilion until the wee hours. The queen, Mrs. Shearns, was crowned on Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Shearns is the mother of one of our members, David Shearns. David had his big 30-60 Oilpull at the show. Our queens are chosen from the women who lived through the Golden Era of farming when thresher's dinners were the feat of the day and when women really needed liberation.