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Retired Pumping Engines

By Staff

4133 Swindell Road Lakeland, Florida 33809-2814

MODEL: F-S 136, 6 Cyl., 1,240 Horsepower; Bore: 13 inch, Stroke:
16.5, 514 RPM, Fuel Consumption: 46 GPH.

PUMP: Vertical Propeller, Axial flow 144 inches, Diameter of
Propeller:135 inch; Speed of Propeller: 88 RPM; Pump Capacity: 43
7,610 GPM, Pump Head: 8.3

MODEL: 32E14-225 Horsepower, Bore: 14 inch, Stroke: 17 inch, 300
RPM; Fuel Consumption: 13 gallons per hour, PUMP: Fairbanks Morse,
Horizontal Propeller, Axial-flow. Pump diameter: 48 inch, Pump
Speed: 300 RPM, Pump Capacity: 80,000 GPM, Pump Head: 8 feet.

MODEL: R.T.S.-1411, 11 Cyl.: 1655 Horsepower, Bore: 14 inch,
Stroke: 16 inch; 400 RPM; Fuel Consumption: 65 GPH;

PUMP:, Vertical Propeller: Axial-Flow; Diameter: 135 inch,
Diameter of Propeller: 122 inch, Speed of Propeller: 128 RPM, Pump
Capacity: 430,878 GPM or 1,861,392,900 Gal. per day; Pump Head:
10.4 feet.

Here are pictures and specifications of some retired pumping
engines that someone had the foresight to save and mount in the
John Stretch Park next to Lake Okeechobee.

The engines were used for flood control around the Lake. Most
were replaced by opposed piston F.B. engines. 

That 11 cylinder Nordberg is MOST IMPRESSIVE!

  • Published on Mar 1, 1995
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