Restoring the Wee Fergie

| August/September 1994

  • The Ferguson System

  • The Ferguson System

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Restoring the Ferguson 20 or 30 is not too hard, many parts being interchangeable with the 8N and 9N Fords.

Tools: Not much needed. An impact, 11/16 and 11/16 socket, and some hand tools and two floor jacks.

Pop off the hood and fenders. Easy. Remove battery and gas tank. Place the floor jack under transmission and then remove the front axle assembly and then the engine. Elapsed time: one hour.

Engine overhaul is straightforward, by the book. All parts are available from suppliers except the block and head. (Good luck!) Prices are competitive. This engine is very similar to the VAC Case.

Now block up the rearend and remove the transmission. Replace bearings and reassemble by the book. This is a precision assembly.