Gas Engine Magazine Staff Learn About Restoring a Yanmar Engine

Bill Fogwell tells Gas Engine Magazine readers about restoring a Yanmar engine sent in by a reader and how the newly running engine has been on display at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa and at the All Iowa Fair.

| July/August 1966

The Gas Engine Magazine staff learn about restoring a Yanmar engine. 

Howdy Fellow Old Engine Nuts. This is the story of a little Diesel engine that came from half way around the world and how our staff learned about restoring a Yanmar engine.

It all started down at West Liberty, Iowa at Dick Wigim's place during the first meeting of The Sixth Chapter of the Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association., Inc.

Mr. Alden Moural had a letter from Mr. Stanley Freriks who was stationed in Japan at the time, the first part of 1963. In his letter he wanted to know if anyone would be interested in any small Japanese Diesel engine. Now seeing as how I'm an old Diesel engine mechanic from working three and a half years in the U.S. Navy in the Fuel Injection and Governor Shop of the U.S.S. Luzon ARG#2, a repair tender for small ships, and also working at it for some time after I was discharged, I was very interested. I wrote to Mr. Freriks and we made a deal for him to send me one he had.

This engine is a Yanmar, Serial #T406327, 2 HP at 1300 R.P.M. It is water hopper cooled and the weight is about 150 pounds. It has direct injection with high pressure fuel injection pump and injector that lifts at 1450 pounds per square inch. With the aid of starting fluid it starts with one pull of the starting cord. It has a lot of torque for its size.

Mr. Freriks sent this engine to us in four boxes and we cleaned it up, painted it, put it back together and it runs fine. It has been on display at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa two times and at the All Iowa Fair twice. We have had a lot of fun with it since we got it and lots of people have enjoyed seeing it run.