Restoring a DeLaval Gas Engine

Roger L. Eshelman shares his story of restoring a DeLaval gas engine.

| March/April 1966

  • 2-1/2 HP DeLaval engine
    Photo courtesy of Roger L. Eshelman, College Springs, Iowa.

  • 2-1/2 HP DeLaval engine

Restoring a DeLaval gas engine. 

A picture of my 2.5 HP DeLaval (ALPHA) engine. I know very little about the DeLaval engine line except that they are not an easy engine to find. When I found this machinery I had no plans of restoring my DeLaval gas engine but the longer I looked at it the more interested and challenged I became. I have found I get more satisfaction in restoring an engine in this condition than the ones that need only a valve and paint job. I have tackled some rough engines but the DeLaval is the worst to date. I was lucky that there were no large parts missing. It had laid on its side for a long time and one side of the cylinder wall is badly pitted, the piston was stuck tight, needle valve assembly was gone, and the magneto was broken off and gone. Various other things were needed also.

I have it running now with a timer and buzzer coil, has good compression, and runs good. It is an idling engine, Serial No.62364 Type E282 (?).

My father and I have a number of engines and I will be sending in pictures from time to time of tractors and engines we are restoring.

I am working on a 2.5 HP Mogul at the present and am coming along fine. It was another one of those rough ones that gives you a sense of accomplishment if and when it fires and runs for the first time.