'Report from Lapland'

| November/December 1972


Courtesy of Art Dickey, 306 W. Anthony, Corydon, Iowa 50060.

306 W. Anthony, Corydon, Iowa 50060.

For over two years I have been loading up my camera with black and white film and taking off some direction to photograph some gas engine man and some of his old iron to let you foreigners know who is down here on the Iowa-Missouri border and take in a few who are not quite on the border. That's the way we Laplanders are. We are ever willing to include anyone, that's why they call us Laplanders. I have intended to write these up one at a time but give up as I'm never going to get all the pictures, so decided to write a book instead. Up near the Western edge is Roger Esheleman of College Spring, Iowa. Roger has sent in scads of pictures of engines but I don't think I have ever seen a picture of Roger in the 'Gas Engine' magazine so I am sending one of him and a Monitor gas engine I traded him back in 1967. This picture was taken at the 3rd Esheleman engine show last year. I was too busy becoming a Grandpa this year to go to their 4th show but heard it was a good one.

Coming on East to Bedford, Ia. is another gas engine pair, the Carp Constable 'Game Warden,' Dutch Lemke and his son, Henry 'Hank'. The Carp Constable used to be down in my area. We used to spend much time chasing old iron together, the kind that had stocks, triggers, etc. We were antique gun bugs then and now as Dutch says, 'the blankety, blank gun laws are so nutty that the only person that can abide by the laws is a criminal' and so we became disgusted, not with antique guns but the 'censored' laws. Anyway, Dutch has a farm a few miles south of Bedford and on this has around 35 engines, a model L Case tractor on steel and a good Case separator, anyway that's what he had this Spring. There are probably more there now. I did get one picture of Hank playing with an engine, IHC I think, but wouldn't bet on it. That's one talent I have. I can ask a fellow the name and serial numberĀ  of an engine, take two steps away and forget the whole thing.

Engine yard and two grandsons, Mike and Pat Nichel.

Wayne Holder and Robert Swanberg in Robert's Gas Buggy.

Everett Anderson's Aultman Taylor steam engine. That's my grandson, Mike Nichel. Everett is from Humeston, Iowa.