| July/August 1976

There is no plate or markings on it except part numbers. In some ways it resembles the Stearns shown in the enclosed reprint.

The Gile reprint is taken from AUTOMOBILE DEALER AND REPAIRER, March, 1918. It is no longer published. The Stearns, is part of the original circular sent to me in 1931 or 32.

I have an implement directory of 1930 listing the Edwards Motor Company of Sandusky, Ohio, as a manufacturer of gas engines. I am wondering if there was any connection with the Edwards Motor Company of Springfield, Ohio.

I checked a Sandusky directory and found it listed. The address given was the same as the Matthews Engineering Company.

Hope some collector has some information on an engine 'Edwards' made in Sandusky.

I have in my collection a light plant same as the reprint in March-April G.E.M. sent in by Thomas Jensen. Wonder if any other collectors have one?