Relating To The Insurance Problem

| July/August 1988

1215 Jays Drive, N.E. Salem, Oregon, Q7303

We at the National Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association are continually monitoring the liability insurance problem. We have been informed that insurance will probably be tough to get in some areas with not much relief in sight. The insurance companies also are possibly going to raise the premiums by about 8% to 10%.

Safety should be of primary concern at all shows and events. We don't want anyone getting hurt or injured. All facilities should adopt a set of safety rules and abide by them. In doing so, the intent of having good safety is shown and it also makes for a better organizational show. We are well aware that there are those that will say that more rules are not needed. 'We're getting along just fine, so why change'. Be ever mindful that if an accident happens and a lawsuit follows, the event leaders, members and exhibitors might have to defend themselves. Think about it. We at the National offer the following safety rules as guidelines. They have been gleaned from several organizations. We have not adopted these as gospel but feel that they are very good. Not all organizations are the same, so some groups might want to add to or take away what is not appropriate. Good luck.

Displaying Stationary Gas And Oil Engines

1. All stationary engines will be fenced with 2 ropes, one 18 inches above ground and second rope 36 inches above ground. Rope and posts to be furnished by displayer.

2. All engines and equipment operated with engine shall be at least 3 feet inside of fence.

3. All display areas should be kept clean and neat, tools and gas cans out of camera view.