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| January 2006

This listing is a result of paperwork obtained from the collection of the late Harry Horner of Dayton, Ohio. Harold Keller of Glouster, Ohio, John Burns of New Carlisle, Ohio, and myself have researched this subject off and on for several years now in an attempt to create a quick reference to date Reid engines by serial number. Until recently when documentation from the Horner collection came to my attention, I was hesitant to publish this list. Now after studying these papers I feel we have a fairly accurate and documented list.

Some interesting points we found from the records are the production numbers and some of the information recorded by Reid employees. One part that fascinated me was the fact that for some reason they found it necessary to record the "Total Horsepower" built during a given time. For example, the first year of production in 1894 shows there were two engines with a total of 30 HP. This shows the first two were 15 HP engines. I haven't any idea why they would record the amount of horsepower built.

Apparently Reid also did service work on their engines. Records from April 1919 indicate 12 cylinders rebored and 16 engines built. This was the most rebored that year: on average they show four per month. The record indicates that 1923 saw the highest production numbers that Reid would ever have with 1,074 engines built with a total horsepower of 27,108.

On the other hand, 1932 was the slowest production year with only 27 engines built, with a total horsepower of 1,080. Those were the years directly following the Great Depression. During this time the records indicate that Reid's production was severely affected by those hard times. The last year recorded, 1938, shows 89 engines built and the last serial number as 19572.

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