| May/June 1980

Michigan Engine

Box 508, Alliston, Ontario, Canada LOM 1AO

In reply to. D. Andersen's letter in Jan.-Feb. 1980 GEM - perhaps I can help regarding Cockshutt tractors. These, as stated were made in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Models as follows: Model 20 gas from 1952-56; Model 30 gas and diesel from 1946-56; Model 40 gas and diesel from 1949-1957; Model 50 gas and diesel from 1953-1957; the Model '2' 1954-57; the model '3' 1953-56. There is no information on model '4'. Above three models offered for sale in U.S.A. only. I believe called E2, E3, and E4.

Above replaced by models as follows: 540-1958-60; 550-1958-60; 560-1958-60; 570-1958-60. They also sold a Model 35 for one or two years about 1956. Also sold 'Golden Arrow' for a short time about 1956-57. The Model 40 was also offered with a L4 Perkins diesel engine called 40.D4. Model 20 had Continental F124 engine, which I believe sold only a little over 20,000 units. Model 30 had Buda 4B153 engine which was quite popular and sold some 40,000 units. Model 40 had Buda 6B230 engine, also sold some 30,000+ units. Model 50 had Buda 6B273 engine, sold only some 20,000 units. The Models 35, Golden Arrow used Hercules 198 engine, some say as result of Buda motors having been sold to Allis-Chalmers Company.

Then the Model 540 with CMT F162 engine only sold about 4,000 units. Model 550 with Hercules 198 engine, (like the 35 and Golden Arrow) some 3000 units. Model 560 with Perkens L270 diesel engine (I don't believe a gas engine was offered in the 560) some some 6000+ units. Model 570 with Hercules 298 engine (gas or diesel) sold some 7000+ units.

These 500 models sold only in small numbers, but Canada was not a farmer's paradise in those years and perhaps none were exported. Serial numbers on 20 thru 50 located on top of main frame near flywheel housing.

Models 30 thru 50 and all the newer ones had a really good independent PTO (similar to Oliver 77 series). Quite a few are still being used by smaller farmers and had 5 or 6 speeds ahead depending on year made and were economical on fuel. In my opinion, as one being connected with farm equipment sales for some 30 years, they were very good in their time.