| January/February 1986

Adams No. 3 motor car

John Beck

For the Reflector, 1985 has been a most interesting and challenging year. The February, 1986 issue will mark our first full year with the column, and it has been a delight. At times we must admit total confusion and unbridled frustration while assembling the column, but overall, it has been a rewarding experience.

A big plus is the addition of color illustrations within the column. This enables us to pictorially a lot of material that previously was unusable.

From a personal viewpoint, the Reflector is happy that the most recent project, Nebraska Tractor Tests Since 1920 is now completed. Because of the immense amount of technical data, this title was very difficult to compile, and even more difficult to proofread. As we enter the beginning stages of a book covering the history of Allis-Chalmers and Rumely, we look forward with great anticipation. Allis-Chalmers remains in the Reflector's eye, one of the most innovative of the major U.S. manufacturers. Now we are not saying they were the most innovative farm equipment company necessarily, but from the huge array of products and services offered by Allis-Chalmers during its long history, the company stands among the leaders.

As an example, Allis-Chalmers built some of the world's largest internal combustion engines, some of the largest pumping engines, largest hydraulic turbines, largest pumps, and many other machines of interest. For the farm equipment historian, Allis-Chalmers made a bold move with their purchase of Advance-Rumely. This gave the company a nationwide dealer organization, and almost overnight, the bright Persian orange Allis-Chalmers tractors became a familiar sight.

The people at Allis-Chalmers have been most helpful in this project, as have several individual collectors. However, considering the diverse nature of the company, anyone wishing to share historical information on the company is advised to write the Reflector in care of Gas Engine Magazine.

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