Recharging Magnets

An at-home guide to recharging magnets

| May/June 1970


My version of magnet charger

To find the north pole of magnet, the north end of compass needle will be attracted to the south pole of magnet.

Recharging magnets - use 6 volts D.C. For double charge use 12 volts D.C. (Storage battery). Current need only flow for a few seconds. Repeat several times and while current is flowing rap magnet with a piece of wood. Mark the magnet before removing from magneto. Install after recharging to same position.

Extracted from the Dyke's Motor Manual 1928. 

#16 gauge copper wire, enamel coated type used in rewinding motors. One bolt clockwise and one bolt counter clockwise. I use 200 turns of wire on each bolt and it doesn't seem to be strong enough. Maybe someone else can add to this.

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