| December/January 1998

15 HP Olin Engine

Bruce A. Lawson

249 Sprague Hill Road, Falconer, New York 14733-9753

These are photos of a couple of engines that I recently restored. Some info on them is as follows: the green one is a 15 HP early Olin built in Titusville, Pennsylvania.

This engine ran a 'power' pumping oil wells along the Allegheny River between Warren, Pennsylvania and the Kinzua Dam for most of its useful life. As with most oil fiend engines, it had been pretty well misused and worn out when I acquired it. The restoration took me most of last winter.

The red engine is a 12 HP 'half breed' consisting of a Sheffield (Pennsylvania) cylinder on a Climax bed. This engine also pumped oil wells in an area south of Sheffield, Pennsylvania called 'Pig's Ear'

Both engines now run on propane using hot-tube ignition, as was original.