'Ready Manufacturing' Readies For Branch 9 Event At Pottsville

| June/July 1995


Shown at a parade in downtown Merlin, Oregon, in spring 1994.

293 Whispering Pines Grants Pass, Oregon 97527

Nearly obscure, hidden in tall grass behind a remote building somewhere in northeastern Opheim, Montana, waiting to be discovered, was a valued treasure that many of us engine folks would love to have. No one really knew how many seasons it had endured those harsh elements common in this area. This big one ton prize would still be there if it were not for the skillful and tenacious negotiations of Dean Axtell of 'Ready Manufacturing of Grants Pass, Oregon.'

How Mr. Axtell came upon this coveted gem well, let's say it was through a friend's friend's friend! I'm sure some of us can relate to this method when it comes to finding these valued antiques.

Located some two thousand plus miles from Grants Pass, Opheim, Montana, is a quiet agricultural area where life may be centered around ranching and cattle raising. Instead of the noisy city life, with its fast paced, bustling activity, one finds himself hearing the plaintive bawling of cattle, and in the evening the distant howling of coyotes echoing through the hills and valleys. A place where one has time to enjoy a cool beer at the local tavern on a hot summer afternoon with longtime acquaintances.

Call it what you wish, be it haggling, bargaining, bartering, dealing, the desired result is for an agreement of a price and the product transferred from seller to buyer. What would a 1927 Fairbanks Morse 'Z', fifteen horse gas and kerosene engine be worth??? Complete, but with a rusted immovable piston ? Would a 1918 Columbia Graphical disk phonograph be a fair trade? How much would it be worth if all the original papers were with it for example, the purchase receipt along with the factory production certificate, signed by the company inspectors with date of manufacture and serial number?

In the dictionary, the word 'eternity' is described as a seemingly endless amount of time. This may well describe the emotions and anxieties we endure while we endeavor to persuade the owner to part with his desired appurtenance.