| May/June 1993

  • Day Engine
    'Day' Engine from the book.

  • Day Engine

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Joseph Day and the Development of the Two-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine, by Hugh Torrens.

The book is 8' x 8' soft covers, 24 pages, 7 illustrations. Published 1991 by Bath Industrial Heritage Trust, Ltd., Julian Road, Bath, BA1 2RH England. Price in England 3.95. This is $6.09 (US) or $7.72 (Canadian) at the present rate of exchange. Obtainable air mail with a Visa account number from Cam-den Miniature Steam Service, 13 High Street, Rode, Somerset, BA3 6NZ England.

A few years ago, I visited the Science Museum in London where Joseph Day was said to be the inventor of the two-port, two-cycle engine. Many thousands of two-port, two-cycle engines were built as marine engines in the U.S.A. and Canada, so I wondered how that had been done without infringing on Day's patent. Day had obtained a British patent in 1891. It was also said that William Cock was the inventor of the three-port, two-cycle engine.

I later wrote to the Museum with some questions. Peter D. Stephens, Curator, sent copies of the Day and Cock patents and told me of Professor Hugh Torrens who was then writing a book about Joseph Day.