| September/October 1980

Early model pre-1926 Engine

Figure A. Early model pre-1926.

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In the March-April 1980 issue of G.E.M., I wrote a letter asking the question: 'What is the difference between the Hercules Corporation of Evansville, Indiana, The Economy Gasoline Engine of Sparta, Michigan; The Jaeger Machine Company of Columbus, Ohio, and The Arco Engine Company?'

I would like to thank all of those people from all over the country who answered my letter and share some information and answers that I received.

All of these engines were built by Hercules at Evansville, Indiana. They were sold to Sears and Roebuck under the name of Economy, (not the old Economy), Jaeger Machine Company which used them on cement mixers, and the Arco Engine Company. The serial numbers on these engines ran consecutively regardless of the make and horsepower.

The Hercules engine was painted green with black pin stripes. The Jaeger was painted light blue with gold pin stripes and lettering. The Economy was painted red with black pin stripes. The Arco Engine Company was painted black with red pin stripes.

Hercules (and a few Jaeger engines) had round sided hoppers with an oval water hole. However, most Jaeger, Arco and Economy engines had squared hoppers with a rectangular water hole.