Advice on Subscriptions and Reader Questions About Gas Engine Magazine

Advice is offered on letter submissions, magazine subscriptions and reader questions about Gas Engine Magazine.

| November/December 1966

  • 10-HP Stover engine
    Photo courtesy of C.R. Johnson, Freeport, Illinois.
  • 17 engines
    Photo courtesy of John Miller, LaPorte City, Iowa.
  • Garden Tractor
    Photo courtesy of C.R. Johnson, Freeport, Illinois.

  • 10-HP Stover engine
  • 17 engines
  • Garden Tractor

Talk on subscriptions and reader questions about Gas Engine Magazine.

Though I wouldn't have it any other way, I'm just short on energy this year (and also I just had another 8 day visit to the hospital) but all in all things are going along fine and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the grandchild as it won't be too terribly long now — due sometime around the 1st of December. Hubby is busy running passenger train from Philadelphia to Harrisburg and living at this end means he's putting a lot of miles on the rails.

Do you realize this is the sixth issue of GEM which means when this one is delivered to you — we have completed our first year. I don't know whether to shout "Hooray" with exuberance or just sit back with a sigh of relief and whisper "We made it". It looks to me like we're going strongly into the second year though and we are now getting more material than before which is a good sign so we're looking optimistically toward the issues of 1967. The first year of any undertaking is a trying one, but ours was a little more so what with the illnesses that occurred in the office staff followed by the change of office and now the zip coding of both magazines has caused many an hour of work and tiresome day for the ones laboring on that project, but just as every cloud has a silver lining, that's how it will be going into the second year of publication on the little GEM.

Regarding submissions and reader questions about Gas Engine Magazine: I do not have any short excerpts from letters this time to put into the column but I am using the material as it comes in — this time I even have some left over which is what we appreciate. And here I'm going to mention something and please by no means take offense — yes, we have been clamoring for material and the other day I received a letter from one of our subscribers and he wants to know why we ask for material and then have not printed his two previous letters. I read those letters and I thought about them but I just could not bring myself to print them — not yet anyhow — while he claims he wants them printed word for word and etc. (which is something we do not have to do — we reserve the right to edit the letters and stories we receive or even withhold them — which is something we rarely do) and I'm sure he thought they were all right and he would probably not be offended by someone else writing letters as his, but there is a difference between discussion, being factual, a pro on statistics and in being sarcastic and dictatorial, especially when naming names in write-ups. For you see, I'm thinking of some of our other writers and contributors of stories and articles. I know, just by some of the letters we receive that some of our people think a long time before sending us a letter — they feel they cannot write well enough or would not be interested in their opinions or little talks; but this is not so-we are interested in their letters and chats too and we would not want to discourage these reticent individuals. So as I mentioned above we rarely hold out any material and we do not throw anything away, we are trying to please everyone, so please bear with us — we do make mistakes — we are human, but we are trying to serve you to the best of our ability.

An incorrect zip code on it — or no zip code at all — would you please drop us a card and let us know. You see, if we don't get these correct, you may not get your magazine. It will be sent to the wrong part of the country. Secondly, as you all know, this is the sixth edition of the GEM. This means that all of you who began your subscriptions with the first edition, will receive only one more Issue (January-February). In order that we might get the renewals in early enough to save any more confusion, we have enclosed an expiration notice in the magazine of you who have not renewed your subscription as of now. This is the only notice that you will get. Please help us out and send in your renewal early. This gives us time to get it processed and in good order before the next mailing. This last minute business only delays your magazine being mailed. The last thing I'd like to mention is that since the Gallop people don't include any questions concerning our magazine in their polls, we'll have to conduct our own. Please let us know your feelings on the GEM. It helps us to make improvements, corrections, and to make a better magazine for you.

I'll try my very best to answer all questions and letters, either through the mail or in this column. Even if you haven't got a complaint, I like to hear from you. It's the only way I get to know the people I work for. Have a very happy holiday season filled with all of the love and joy the occasion deserves.


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