Re: Lister Engines and Others

| February/March 1996

Lister light set

Lister light set, serial number 86945, 1 KW 50 volt, radiator cooled, built 10 December 1928.

28 Sarfan Drive Hampton, Virginia 23664

I have noticed, in the help section of this magazine (Reflections), questions arising concerning Lister engines, where are they built, are they still in business, how do you date them, and so forth.

They are built in Dursley, England, still in business, and the records are intact for dating to the day of manufacture.

I may be making 'a rod for my own back,' but my son and I have copies of most of the Lister's factory parts manuals, thanks to Mr. David Harris, a retired Lister employee of 45 years. This information was picked up during our living in England for 15 years, where we started collecting engines. Further, we also have a dating system which will give the year. If anyone would like to contact us by mail (S.A.S.E. requested), we would be glad to help. We would request photos so that we can start a register of Listers in North America.

If anyone would want the actual build date and first dispatch, they would need to subscribe to the Stationary Engine Magazine which is advertised in the back of this magazine. Their Help-Line gives access to all types of information on European, English and American engines, a good database. We do have some copies of earlier issues.

These photos are of some of the engines my son and I have collected from England that might be of interest to you.