Rare Engine Evades Florida Flywheelers

| August/September 1989

  • 5 HP DuBois engine
    Dale Nickerson of 8670 Glasgow Road, Cassadaga, NY 14718 writes about his rare 5 HP DuBois engine.

  • 5 HP DuBois engine

8670 Glasgow Road, Cassadaga, New York 14718

Have all of you Florida Fly-wheelers been sleeping? This one got away from you!

This very rare 5 HP DuBois engine, made in DuBois, Pennsylvania, was purchased at an antique shop in McIntosh, Florida. It had been used in Gainesville to operate an irrigation pump.

A good friend who lives near here, but makes his winter home in Florida, located it. He sent me a letter and included a picture of the engine. I was interested. The engine was priced at $700 and the make was unknown. Gave him a call real quick. Asked if he could get a couple more pictures. After a short wait, they came. Now I knew it was one that belonged in my collection.

Another call was made to Florida. My friend said the engine probably could be purchased for a more reasonable price if he did some talking about all the missing parts and its overall rough condition. He got it for $500.

Before I get too far ahead of events, I will mention this: I looked through all of Alan King's books (except Vol. 6 which I had mislaid) and didn't find one like it, or so I thought.