Rare Engine

| May/June 1973

  • Nonpareil Famous Engine
    Courtesy of Jerry W. Weber, R.R. 1, Owensboro, Kentucky 42301
    Jerry W. Weber

  • Nonpareil Famous Engine

R.R. 1, Ownesboro, Ky. 42301

My Nonpareil Famous engine, manufactured by International Harvester Company, Chicago, Illinois. It is a 4 HP vertical, # BK 418, speed 450 rpm. It was bought new sometime around 1906 by a man in Holland, Indiana by the name of William Land.

The primary use of the engine was to pull a buzz saw to cut the family firewood.

Can your readers tell me what the name Nonpareil means? Some people I've talked to said the serial number back then was the number of engines built to date -- does anyone know about this?

The engine may look small because of the way the picture is taken in the building, but the 1? HP LB I.H.C. in the bottom right corner of the picture gives you some idea of its size. Note the corner of the Litz corn crusher on the left side patented in October 1911. The engine will pull this crusher at our show this coming year.

I have another rare engine. It is a Famous verticle air-cooled engine manufactured by International Harvester. It is a 2 HP, 650 rpm, model.