| April/May 1990

  • 1 hp International M engine

  • 1 hp International M engine

12234 Harris St. Carleton, Michigan 48117

It is hard to think of a 1? hp International M engine as rare or special, but nevertheless, that is what this story is about. I picked this engine up a couple of years ago from a fellow engine collector friend of mine, Ed Laginess. He has a large collection of antique engines, a big garage full. About every three or four weeks or so, I would go to his place and look over his collection just to turn a few flywheels and see what new things he had brought home.

The M was one of a trailer load of engines he picked up down south some time ago. When I would stop in for a visit, I would always check out that old M. I always found myself spinning that engine over just to watch the ignitor snap off. I sprayed penetrating oil on the valves and oiled the cylinder to try to build up some compression, but it had very little or none. You know that feeling that comes over you when you just have to have that type of engine. You're in trouble. He sold it to me; that's when the fun started!

This 1920 International is one of those engines you just can't quite figure out what type of life it had. The one thing I do know is that when it was used, it was on or near the ground. It may have had some type of cover over it because the top side of the engine was in good shape, but the bottom around the base had rust pits almost through the casting. At one point some time ago, someone did try to fix up and repair this engine. The large rust pits were filled with body filler, and a coat of paint was brushed on. It is really hard to say if he was able to get it running or not.

Some of the broken and repaired parts were the exhaust rocker arm, fuel pump rocker pivot, and the ignitor. It is hard for me to figure out why this engine had so many broken parts or if it was used for its good parts and the old repaired ones ended up on this engine.

The ignitor was the big trouble. When it was repaired, the shaft holes did not line up, so the shaft was filed down so it wouldn't bind. Unfortunately, it would not hold in any compression. To try to get it running, I removed the piston and freed up the rings and cleaned up the valves too. This made the ignitor leak even more; something had to be done with it. 'Try to repair it' was the order of the day.


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