| February/March 1992

One of our subscribers wrote to us recently to tell us that he especially enjoys attending engine shows which feature old time musicians' informal jam sessions. He asked that we mention this in the magazine and invite shows to promote such events in their Directory ads.

Well, it is too late to rewrite Directory ads for 1992, as the deadline has passed and the typesetting is well underway. When you read this letter, the books will probably be at the printer. However, we thought we would pass this suggestion on, so that shows that feature music participation could promote it if they choose.

Keep those show reports coming! We've had a few calls from people who aren't sure what to send with regard to photos to be used in their stories. We prefer black and white photos, but can often use color ones with good success. We do not generally make use of your photographic negatives, unless you don't send us a print, in which case we get one made. Slides can be used, especially if they are very good ones and are selected for a story to be shown in color. Also, if you really want your tractor or engine to appear on the cover, please specify that. We have a more detailed list of specifications if you wish, so just write and request them.