Proud and Majestic

| November/December 1993

45 Prentice St Taftville, Connecticut 06380

Greetings to all the readers and writers of the GEM. I would like to share with all of you my story of finding and restoring a 3 HP Majestic gas engine. I first spotted the engine about two miles from where my wife and I had just moved to. It was sitting in front of an old barn. I stopped to see if it might be for sale. The gentleman I spoke with said he would sell the engine. He collected tractors, not engines, and was just using it as a lawn ornament.

The price he gave me was fair, but at the time money was tight and I had to pass for the time being. From time to time I would ride by to see if the engine was still there and, fortunately for me, it was.

Some time had passed; Christmas had come and gone. In the middle of January of 1992, I was riding past the Majestic but still unable to buy it. One night a friend from Andover, Connecticut, called me. Several years past I had purchased a John Deere Model B tractor from him and he was wondering if I was interested in another tractor he had. It was a John Deere Model L tractor. It was sitting along with some scrap iron on some property he was trying to sell. He offered me the tractor to clean up the property so he could sell his land easier. I went to look at what was involved to clear the property. It didn't look too bad, so we made a deal.

After a solid day of cleaning, I had the tractor home. After another five hours of cleaning and adjusting, I had the tractor running. It ran very well and I would have liked to keep it, but my garage is very small, and I couldn't see spending many hours restoring a tractor that was going to sit outside.

Thinking back to the owner of the Majestic and remembering he collected tractors, I gave him a call and told him what I had. He came over the next day and checked the tractor out, and after some haggling, I ended up with the Majestic and some money.