'Power in the Past' Vol. 3

| May/June 1982

D. C. Stover and his many engines form the subject of a new book by C. H. Wendel, titled 'Power in the Past, Volume 3.'

This 100-page paperback, full of valuable information and handsomely illustrated, should certainly become part of the library of every Stover collector and restorer, as well as of any other person interested in engines and the men who made them.

Wendel, whose home is at Atkins, Iowa, is already well known for his prior volumes, such as the Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors, and 150 Years of International Harvester. He again shows his determination to dig for data and pictures, and to provide the high quality of publication which modern engine devotees seek.

The book is dedicated to Lester L. Roos, who has had a lifelong interest in Stover engines. Roos obtained all parts, blueprints, records and other literature of Stover enterprises. He shared these with other collectors, and now Wendel through the book is able to extend that sharing. Verne Kindschi and Marvin Maitre also made catalogs and other materials available.

D. C. Stover, who started it all, was born in 1840 at Greencastle, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. He not only became a manufacturer of stationary gas engines, he also produced windmills, barbed wire machines, buggies, bicycles, stoves and heaters, among other items. In 1887 his factory became the biggest windmill maker in the world. He built a tractor prototype in 1915, but evidently did not go further.

Valuable copies of original Stover material are included; so is a list of serial numbers compiled by Ross, from March 10, 1903 through the last, on February 20, 1942.