Post Cards

| September/October 1985

Charles Wilson, of 1215 W-Graves, Waukegan, Illinois 60087, sent us these four pictures of engines shown at the Denmark, Iowa 1985 show. Note that all four of the engines have the 'donut' flywheels.

Hal Dunbar of 2390 Sunset Lane, Adrian, Michigan 49221found this Standard cream separator engine in Reading, Michigan, missing a carburetor, gas tank, magneto and ignition system. It took Dunbar almost a year to find out what make the engine was, and it now runs very well.

Kathleen Daigle, of R.F.D. #1, Powerhouse Rd., Moodus, Connecticut 06469 sent this picture of her husband Joe's 1920 7 HP Hercules cord wood saw. Kathleen writes, 'He has spent thousands (it seems) of hours patiently cleaning, sanding, repairing and painting 'the engine' to perfection, leaving no nut or bolt unturned! 'She notes that the photo was taken in front of a year's wood supply!