| September/October 1980

Unidentified engine

I have shown this engine to a few people in this area and no one could name it. Can anyone in gas engine land help? It has a threaded hole in head for spark plug and a cast lobe on cam gear for which a finger to touch for the ignition. The finger and gas

The engine runs well down to 70 RPM, Walt reports. It is a sideshaft engine with wipe spark ignition. It is 6 feet, 8 inches overall, with four cooling tanks, each 6 feet long by 20 inches high by 1 inch wide. Bore is 8?  inches and stroke is 12?  inches. Flywheels are 4 feet 1? inch and 4?  inches wide. The engine was last used by Morses' Saw Mill in Bloomfield, Conn. It was made in Vermont. ('Courtesy of Walt Celley. Cabot. Vt. 05647.)



An unusual letterhead is shown above-on the stationery of Elmknoll Farm, operated by the Bilden family at Bagley, Minnesota. Robert Bilden, sending us a note with his subscription renewal, wrote that the letterhead 'is from a black and white drawing I made of my dad's and uncle's threshing rig.' He has enjoyed GEM since its inception in 1966 and met the late Rev. Elmer Ritzman, founder, 22 years ago at Rollag, Minnesota. Gerry Lestz