| November/December 1986

This 1927 Hart Parr 12-24 Serial #38046 is equipped with an original PTO unit which mounts on the right side and derives its power from the counterbalance on the right end of the crankshaft. It is engaged and disengaged try a hand lever mounted on top of the right fender that controls a band clutch that operates off the counter balance. Specs are 5' bore, 6' stroke, 850 RPM, 338 cubic inches, 3 speed transmission, weight 4800 lbs. It is capable of handling a 22-24 in. separator, 2-3 plow and could work 6-12 acres in 10 hours. Owner is Dave Preuhs, LeCenter, Minnesota.

This photo is a 1911 6 HP Screen Cooled Stover, Serial #DX34853, 340 RPM. It was manufactured by the Stover Engine Works, Freeport, IL. This engine came from western Pennsylvania and was used for auxiliary power when one of the main engines was shut down for repairs. It was also used in the gas fields. When the engine was purchased, a beam in the barn where it was stored fell down and smashed the cooling tower. It was quite a job restoring the tower. Approximately 180 hours was used in restoring it to it's present condition. The engine is owned by Steve Petris, RD#2, Box 156, Gillett, Pennsylvania 16925.