| May/June 1984

Mogul Junior 1 HP

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Gene A. Homandberg, 270 Highland Ave., Buffalo, NY 14222.

Dr. Gene A. Homandberg

Mogul Junior, 1 HP, serial # UB 2993, built by International Harvester Co. between 1915 and 1917. Restored by Gerald P. Jahreis, 2908 Maple Avenue, Eden, NY 14057.

Pictured is my display of four models at the Sandwich Early Day Engine Club Show in June 1983. Three were made from casting kits and all run! My father owned a 6 HP Sandwich engine the only power on our farm at the time. We used it to run our elevator and Sandwich corn crusher.

I spent many hours around this engine in my youth and wanted to build a model, but found that original prints were burned years ago. I borrowed a 1 HP Sandwich engine from my late brother's collection to make a set of prints, scaled down to 1/3 size. My model was built up with no castings. It has 1' bore, 15/8' stroke and 511/16' flywheels. The only things not handmade are the points, plug and timing gears.