| July/August 1983

Gas engine used to pump water

With the help of his friend Harold Schmid, the mechanical restoration was done during the winter months and painting was done in June and July of 1982. It was all ready for the New rockford, N. D. show in September where it was put through its paces. Judson's address is Box 356, Carrington, ND 58421.

I had no plans or kits and I built it on a watchmaker's lathe from scrap metal that I could find. It has a ' bore and stroke, 4 cycle. The cylinder is cast iron sleeve made from a gas pipe fitting, pressed into a 2 piece aluminum water jacket. The crankshaft is from a 1' piece of drill rod and the spark plug is a Champion V3. The coil is from a pre-World War model airplane. Bearings are poured babbitt into brass pieces from an old telegraph wounder. Valves are from a watchmaker's staking tool punch. The flywheels are from Boston chain sprockets.