| July/August 1978

Our second annual color cover shows the 30-60 Model S Rumley Oil Pull (serial #385) of Verne W. Kindschi. Rt. 1, Box 66. Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin 53578, who went to a lot of trouble to help us.

This 1906 photograph shows Joe Hcisick and Bill Vondnasek of Bowlus Hmdale Area riding on Royalton's Main Street in a vehicle created by them. It is believed to be the first automobile in the Bowlus area. This is a 3 HP gasoline engine from Hercules.

Kenneth Gabhart of Mackville, Kentucky, stands in front of his 6 HP Economy engine buzz saw wagon. He is holding Kenric Clark and standing is Ken Foster of Mt. Washington, Kentucky. Photo taken at the Bluegrass Steam and Gas Engine Show.

The photo shows on the left a Crossley Brothers 2 cycle semi diesel blow lamp start filled with a scavenge pump. This engine is about 12 HP and was built in 1929.The engine on the right is a Petter Atomic 2 cycle cold start diesel 6 HP and was built in the early thirties.

This Big Wheel powered by a little engine appeared in (he float in the Ohio, Illinois Centennial Parade in July, 1977. This July 15, 16 marks 100 plus one, with a celebration and engine show.

Last Fall during the Third District Fair Parade, Ken Petre, Glenn Scroggins and J. E. Little, put their engines on these two trailers and won first place. They had all six engines running and named the float 'Yesteryears.' Ken drove the tractor, 1940 Farmall 'H.'