| July/August 1977

A Waterloo Boy, early John Deere tractor, is shown in this first color cover of Gas Engine Magazine. We thank Will McCracken, of Product Publicity, Deere & Company, Moline, Illinois, for his cooperation in making the color transparency available. The company sells colored pictures of its historic and classic tractors.

My 6 HP Sampson engine built at Stockton, California.

A rare C.O.D. tractor owned and restored by Dale Lindstrum, Lawrens, Iowa and shown at the Albert City Threshermen & Collectors Show. Picture by Colon Johnson.

Pictured is a 20-40 HP Rumely Oil Pull back on the farm at Sibley, Iowa. Owned by P.F.L. Timmermann, my father.

Pictured above is an English Fordson, #787927. Notice the patch on the engine block. This tractor runs well and is still used by the owner to pull logs. Notice the odd rear wheels.

The first engine is a two stroke double flywheel with four round holes in each flywheel with crank handle fitted in one, engine runs opposite way, anticlockwise. Throttle is hand operated and there is no provision for any type of governor, magneto is gear driven.