Post Card

| January/February 1984

Lawson-Lawton engines

A fine pair of Lawson-Lawton engines, both 1 HP, serial numbers 1541 and 4081. One was manufactured in 1910, the other about 1915. Owned by D. T. Kedinger, Route 1, Highway 103, Oakfield, Wisconsin 53065.

A 6 HP Toronto gas engine with belt driven water circulating pump. This is the same engine as an Olds gearless built in Lansing, Michigan. Owned and restored by Andy Kruse Park Ridge Illinois 60068

Joe Haarvei of 428 Gilbert Terrace, Rockford, Illinois 61111 sent us this picture of a winch engine which he thinks is unique, mainly because it is portable. 'It was made by the Fairbanks-Morse Engine Company about 1907, was based on the T series engine, and was intended for the mining and the logging industry. Although the engine is only rated at 9 HP, I am sure the torque at the final pulley would be tremendous.

Jim Bakkestuen sent this picture of a 1928 Rumely Oil Pull. The 20-30 Model W, Serial #1770 is a light-weight which weighs in at about 6800 pounds. Originally from Canada, the tractor is owned by Willy Bakkestuen, who has restored it. Bakkestuen lives at 19123 South 4th, LaCrosse, Wisconsin. The photo was taken at 1982 Hesper Mabel Steam Engine Show by Jim.