| January/February 1982


Fred wrote to us, saying, 'I have been collecting Galloway's for about ten years. Being they were sold direct from factory to the customer, it makes them somewhat difficult to find. There seems to be no one area where there are a lot of them to be found. Searching for them has taken me from New York to Kansas.' Fred goes on to say that 14 of his engines have been completely restored, and the remainder are waiting only to be painted and lettered.

Mr. Brinkmann tells us that although there were many brands of engines built in Australia from the early 1900s, few of the manufacturers survive to the present. He says that large quantities of engines were brought to Australia from the United States, including Hercules, Fairbanks Morse, International and Stover. The Sandwich engines, such as this 2? HP #B7429 made in the early 1920s are rare in his country. Malcolm's real love is Fordson tractors which he collects and restorers as time permits.