| January/February 1977

10 HP Nelson

Courtesy of Roger L. Eshelman, Box 36, College Springs, Iowa 57637.

Roger L. Eshelman

Ben Wilson's 10 HP Nelson side shaft. Ben is from Hastings, Iowa and is a 'regular' at Eshelmans' Show.

Mike Lins and John Machacek shown plowing with Mike's Crosslcy powered tractor at the 1976 Scott-Carver Show, held at Jordan, Minnesota in August.

Above is a picture of my 6 HP Miami Engine Patented September 25, 1900, Serial No. 658594. I purchased this engine about two years ago from a man who was 94 years old. I am sure he thought that we were crazy to go to the work of moving this engine and wagon. The Miami engine and wagon sat on a rock ledge and had not been moved since before 1927 when it was used to saw wood. My wife's uncle who now lives in Florida was the person who told me about this Miami engine and told us who to contact about it. It was on an abandoned farm on an abandoned road on a mountain about 20 miles from my home. The reason my wife's uncle knew about it was because he helped his then future father-in-law saw wood right where I found the engine sitting. This was previous to 1927.

I am about to start restoring this engine and would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who has a Miami engine or who has any information as to date of manufacture, quantity made, color etc., as I have no idea of the original color and also location of fuel tank.

Please take the time to write if you have any information about this rare engine as I have never seen one like it! Many thanks.

My 'Ironwood' engine. It is different in design from my brother's picture shown in Sept.-Oct. issue. Mine is of headless design, using a 'T' plug. These engines have no governor, but rely on the design of the engine to keep the speed down and keep them from flying apart. The spark can be retarded to control the speed.