| October/November 1999


We received some photocopies from Glen Gerlach of 99 Simon-Miller Road, Wheelersburg, OH 45694, on the Portsmouth Engine Company of Portsmouth, Ohio.

Glen is seeking to find out whether there are any New Era or O.K. gasoline engines manufactured by Portsmouth. Glen has researched the company through the Portsmouth, Ohio, city directories, and has learned quite a bit. It seems that the firm is first mentioned in 1892 and appears until 1908-09, when Ideal Manufacturing is seen. Both Portsmouth and Ideal had Chris Heer listed as president and general manager until he moved to his new business in 1911. Chris Heer appears in the 1910-11 directory, when he becomes president of Heer Engine Company.

Portsmouth Engine Company apparently closed and became the Vulcan Last Company in July of 1920.

The picture of the Ideal engine from a B.& O. Traffic Department publication has the look of the Heer engine. He asks, 'Could this be the basic engine Chris Heer took with him in his move?'

Glen will be anxiously awaiting any information that readers can provide.

7/13/2009 7:02:34 PM

This is related to the Vulcan Company in Portsmouth Ohio. The Vulcan company started as Vulcan Last. They produced heels and etc. for shoes. In 1927 they begun production of golf clubs and tees. They used a warehouse on third street in portsmouth as a place to display their products. As of today I still have two all original golf clubs that were produced in Portsmouth. One in 1927 and the other in 1928.