Threshermen's Reunion

| September/October 1992

  • 1919 Fairbanks Morse engine
    Ghris Badten of Dyer, IN displays his 6 HP 1919 Fairbanks Morse engine at the 1991 Pontiac Show.

  • 1919 Fairbanks Morse engine

R.R.# l,Box69, Minonk, Illinois 61701

We had a lot of 'specials' at our show in 1991. We had our first-ever feature exhibit. The Illinois Valley Two-Cylinder Club organized an outstanding display of John Deere equipment. Jim Kenney, Club President from Streator, organized the exhibit and also conducted slow races for the enjoyment of visitors and exhibitors alike. This truly is a dedicated bunch of John Deere enthusiasts.

We had the rare one-of-a-kind Foden steam wagon which is owned by Domino Pizza giant Tom Monaghan of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The steam wagon was brought to our show by Marvin and Roland Brodbeck of Michigan (thanks to the Haley boys). The steam-powered wagon was made in Sandbach, England in 1925 and was used for freight transport. It's quite a unique looking piece of machinery-part truck and part steam engine! It was a popular exhibit.

We like to preserve area history, and this year the association was pleased to display and operate a 1931 Fairbanks Morse 40 HP engine that once powered the Leroy Water Works. During the show you could always tell the engine was running by its unmistakable sputter and pop! This engine was recently donated to us by an Indiana man who had purchased it in the 1970s.

On the domestic side, another addition was a quilt show that was organized with the help of the Pinckneyville ladies, Rosemary Doedtman and Alice Dagen. (The Pinckneyville bunch is affectionately known in Pontiac as the 'Outlaws'!)

A group of ladies provided another unique feature to the show, an old time General Store, which included a potbelly stove (complete with accompanying cat), penny candy and bright polished apples in granite-ware bowls. Collectibles of all kinds were on display.