Photo Album

| June/July 1988

9 HP Lambert

It spent most of its life mounted stationary in a grain elevator in West Virginia and is now owned by Daniel and Barbara Davis of Anderson, IN. It will be among the engines on display at the Anderson History Museum June 4-5, at the UAW Gas Engine and Tractor Show. Courtesy of Morris Titus, 2025 Hillcrest Dr., Anderson, IN 46012

He also has about 50 gas engines including his very rare 6 HP inverted Hart Parr engine which he exhibits at the Butterfield Steam and Gas Engine Show in August at Butterfield, MN.

R. A. (Bud) Miesch of 8948 Fenton Street, Orlando, FL 32819 has sent a number of pictures of his engines taken by Robert A. Love, Jr. Above is a Fairbanks Morse Z, 1/2 HP powering alternator about 1920. Below, is an Ottawa log saw, 21/2HP, about 1917, right, is a John Deere 3 HP E, 1944.

This is my Lil' Brother engine, a Paul Breisch kit.

I did some things different from the prints as some will notice. I worked on the engine about 11/2 years and really enjoyed doing it. I am a retired mechanical inspector 67 years old. I also have a 1 ? horse Fairbanks Morse engine built in 1927 and a two cylinder May tag both of which I have gone through and made look like new.

The Fairmont is a 6 HP, QHB #31144. It was built November 9, 1925.