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| January/February 1975

  • 'Ideal' gasoline engine

    Lyle A. Opperman
  • Vertical Hopper Cooled Engine

    G. W. May Family

  • 'Ideal' gasoline engine
  • Vertical Hopper Cooled Engine

It is a vertical 'Ideal' gasoline engine

Courtesy of Lyle A. Opperman, 801 Park Street, Barahoo, Wisonsin, 53913

Pictured is a vertical 'Ideal' gasoline engine from my collection. The brass name tag states 'Ideal Gas Engine' manufactured by the 'Original Gas Engine Company, Lansing, Michigan', but cast into each flywheel are the words 'Ideal Gas Engine Company, Lansing, Michigan.' The 'Ideal' is a 1-1/2 H.P., type C, serial #7336, with a 3-1/4' bore and a 4-1/2' stroke. The gas tank is in the base, and above that is the crankcase which holds over 1/2 pint of oil to lube the rod bearing. The ignition is make and break, fired by a hot shot battery. The fuel pump is mechanical and runs off the cam gear, pumping gas to the brass overflow carburetor. To grind the valves, one has to go down thru the water hopper by taking out two 1-1/2' plugs. The governor is of the type with a counter weight in the flywheel, which strikes the detent, which holds the exhaust valve open.

I have seen pictures of Ideal engines similar to the one I have, but with an oval water hopper. If anyone has information as to the two companies or the year these engines were built, drop the G.E.M. a card so we can share this information with our fellow collectors.

The Fuller & Johnson Vertical Hopper Cooled Engine

Courtesy of G. W. May Family, 9152 Hector Avenue, San Diego, California 92123